Membership Opportunities

The Planning Council is Currently recruiting for the following membership categories:

  • Recently Released Incarcerated Affected PLWHA – released within the last three years
  • Hospital Planning Agencies or Health Care Planning Agencies
  • Representative from the Rural Areas of the San Antonio HSDA
  • The Membership, Nominations, and Elections (MNE) Committee is responsible for ensuring that the ethnicity of the Planning Council reflects the HIV prevalence in the Transitional Grant Area, comprised of Bexar, Comal, Guadalupe, and Wilson Counties. All eligible candidates will be interviewed. The membership term is for two years or the remaining months of a vacant term.

Dear Planning Council Applicant:

Thank you for your application to become a member of the San Antonio Area HIV Health Services Ryan White Planning Council. If your nomination is approved, you will join up to 23 other Planning Council Members who are responsible for deciding how federal funds are spent on emergency care services for persons living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA).

As the first step of the application process, please complete the application form and the confidential member information form. Before you start filling out the application, please check to make certain that you can commit up to ten (10) hours of your time each month to prepare for, travel to, and attend meetings. Council Members are required to:

  • Attend one Planning Council meeting each month. The meetings are roughly two hours long, typically scheduled from 2:30 to 4:30 pm. The meeting is located at Vista Verde Plaza, 233 N. Pecos, San Antonio, TX 78207. Refreshments are served during the Council meeting and transportation reimbursement is available to Members who are living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Attend one Committee meeting each month. The meetings are between one and two hours long and are typically scheduled between 9:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. The meeting is located at Vista Verde Plaza, 233 N. Pecos, San Antonio, TX 78207. Refreshments are served at the Committee meetings and transportation reimbursement is available to Council Members who are living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Abide by an attendance policy that allows for no more than two (2) absences in each of the two six-month periods of the grant year.
  • Complete the New Member Orientation Training within three (3) months of appointment on the Planning Council. The training can be found at

If you need help completing the application or have any questions about what it means to be a Council Member, please contact the Planning Council Liaison at (210) 335-7056.

The application process will take approximately 3-4 weeks. Once you submit your application, the Membership, Nominations and Elections (MNE) Committee will meet to review your application, and conduct your interview. The Committee will then determine whether or not your membership should be forwarded to the full Planning Council for consideration and recommendation. If the Planning Council chooses to recommend you for membership, your nomination will be sent to the Bexar County Judge for appointment. As your application moves through this process, the Planning Council Support Staff will contact you at each phase to explain the status of your application.

If you are not appointed to the Planning Council, you are still welcome to attend Planning Council and committee meetings. You are always invited to speak through Public Comment at any meeting.

Thank you again for your interest in becoming a Planning Council Member.

Membership Application Form

Personal Information

I would like all Planning Council correspondence to be sent to the address above.
Date of Birth:

Please check all that apply:
I am...

do self-identify as HIV-positivedo not self-identify as HIV-positive

My race/ethnicity is...
White/Non-HispanicHispanicBlack/African AmericaAsianAmerican IndianNative Hawaiian/Pacific IslanderOther

Employment and Volunteer Experience

Where do you work or volunteer?

If you are a volunteer, do you receive any payment, including a stipend?YesNo
If so, how often do you receive payment or stipend?

What are your work or volunteer responsibilities?

How long have you been working or volunteering at the organization you identified above?
Less than a year2 - 4 yearsMore than 4 years

Are you a member or the Board of Directors of an agency that receives Ryan White Part A funding?YesNoIf yes, agency name:

Please list any previous Boards or Agencies you have been affiliated with.

Please list any certifications, licensure, or relevant educational history that could benefit you in your position as a Planning Council member:

Rules of law and ethics prohibit members from participating in and voting on matters in which they may have a direct/indirect financial interest. Are you aware of any potential Conflicts of Interest (i.e., are you or a significant other a member of, employee of, or have a direct/indirect financial interest in an organization seeking/receiving Ryan White Part A funds?)

If yes, agency name:

Please select the categories that you are qualified to represent. (Check all that apply)

Health Care Providers including federally qualified and non-qualified heath centersCommunity-Based and AIDS Service Organizations serving affected populationsSocial Service/Housing/Homeless Service ProvidersMental Health Care ProvidersSubstance Abuse Service ProvidersLocal Public Health AgenciesHospital Planning Agencies or Health Care Planning AgenciesInfected/Affected Communities receiving Ryan White HIV-related services, including historically underserved groups and sub-populations: Formerly incarcerated/recently released PLWHA or their representatives, Person Living with HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C Co-Infection, Youth, Non-Elected Community LeadersState Medicaid AgencyState Agency administering the program under Part B (Ryan White Part B Program)Grantees under subpart II of Part C (Ryan White Part C Program)Grantees under Part D, or if none are operating in the area, representatives of organizations with a history of serving children, youth, and families living with HIV and operating in the area: Grantees under other Federal HIV programs to include, but not limited to, Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (“HOPWA”), HIV Prevention, HIV-Related Fields (e.g. Research and Development & Other Fields)Community Stakeholders, including Faith-Based CommunitiesRepresentative(s) from the outlying HSDAs of Uvalde and/or Victoria

Personal Statement

Please provide a brief statement supporting your interest in becoming a Planning Council Member. Include details on qualifications, such as commitment to helping PLWHA, work or volunteer experience relevant to HIV/AIDS or health planning, leadership skills, and ability to work with a culturally diverse team. You may attach a separate page if necessary.

Planning Council Committees

Serving on at least one Standing Committee is a requirement of Planning Council Membership. Please review descriptions of the Standing Committees listed below.

  • Comprehensive Planning/Continuum of Care (CPCC): Develop the TGA’s Continuum of Care, service category Standards of Care, Service Category Definitions and define Service Category Units of Service. CPCC is tasked with coordinating the development of the Comprehensive Plan, monitoring its goals and objectives, and participating in the Statewide Coordinated Statement of Need.

  • Membership, Nominations and Elections (MNE): Recruiting, screening and recommending potential candidates for membership to the Planning Council, tracking Planning Council Membership classifications and demographics, as well as changes in population affected by HIV/AIDS, recommending appropriate Membership classification and representation modifications, and tracking Member attendance.

  • Needs Assessment (NA): Develop and implement a Needs Assessment strategy that will provide data that guides the development of the TGA’s Continuum of Care, service needs priority setting, funding allocations, contents of grant applications and the intent and strategic direction of the Comprehensive Plan.

  • People’s Caucus: Membership of the People’s Caucus is limited to infected and affected consumers of HIV/AIDS services. The People’s Caucus serves as a liaison to each of the other committees of the Planning Council with the purpose of communicating committee deliberations to the Planning Council for review and feedback before final recommendations are brought before the Planning Council. The Caucus also assures that efforts are made in a culturally sensitive manner to address the needs of the traditionally underserved and/or hard to reach populations.

  • Fiscal Monitoring and Reallocations (FMRA): Membership of the FMRA Committee is limited to PLWHA and service providers not funded under any Ryan White Part A and B programs. The FMRA Committee makes recommendations to the Planning Council for the reallocation of funds among service categories in accordance with the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Extension Act of 2009.

  • Please indicate the committee(s) you would be interested in serving on.
    Please note: Planning Council committees generally meet once a month. The Planning Council Co-Chairs are tasked with assigning new members to a committee. They will take your expertise and committee preference into account when making committee assignments.

Needs AssessmentMembership, Nominations, and ElectionsPeople's CaucusComprehensive Planning/Continuum of CareFiscal Monitoring and Reallocations


Signature of applicant:

I understand that I am applying for membership in the San Antonio Area HIV Health Services Planning Council. I can commit to a minimum of ten (10) hours per month to prepare for, travel to, and attend meetings of the Planning Council and its committees. I understand that full Planning Council meetings are roughly two hours in length and take place at the Vista Verde Plaza, 233 N. Pecos, San Antonio, TX 78207. I understand that Committee meetings are scheduled between 9:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. and also take place at the Vista Verde Plaza. I have completed the information on this form truthfully and to the best of my knowledge.

Signature of person completing this form (if different from above):

The applicant may attach a brief optional statement to this application.