For Provider Opportunities please contact:

Mary Kay Newman, Operations and Grants Manager

Phone: (210) 358-3215


Forms & Documents

Helpful documents for San Antonio TGA providers:

San Antonio TGA Ryan White Part A Local Pharmacy Assistance Program Formulary (2017)
HOPWA Program Monitoring Tool
Program and QM Monitoring Tool
Universal Standards Monitoring Tool

Other important documents and forms will be added on an on-going basis.

Important Links for Providers:

Texas Department of State Health Services

TRAIN Texas for Case Managers

Mental Health Resource Guide

Health Resources and Services Administration

Ryan White Legislation

TARGET Center: Technical Assistance for the Ryan White Care Act

National HIV/AIDS Strategy

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Key Resource Page

Act Against AIDS

Greater than AIDS

National Monitoring Standards (NEW)
Program Monitoring Standards: Part A, Part B
Fiscal Monitoring Standards: Part A, Part B
Universal Monitoring Standards: Part A & Part B

Frequently Asked Questions

For Planning Council Documents:

Planning Council Policy on Sponsorship and Application

For frequently used forms and documents please contact:

Planning Council Liaison
Phone: (210) 358-3215

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