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Mary Kay Newman, Operations and Grants Manager
Phone: (210) 644-1362

Forms & Documents

Helpful documents for San Antonio TGA providers:

Treatment Cascade for the San Antonio TGA for provider and consumer use.
San Antonio TGA Ryan White Part A Local Pharmacy Assistance Program Formulary (2017)
HOPWA Program Monitoring Tool
Program and QM Monitoring Tool
Universal Standards Monitoring Tool

Bexar County Healthcare Summit Summary – On Monday, September 21, 2014, Bexar County Judge Nelson W. Wolff held the Bexar County Healthcare Summit. The following topics were addressed:
Texas Healthcare Financing
Population Change in the United States, Texas and Bexar County: Implications for Education, Health and Socioeconomic Development

Other important documents and forms will be added on an on-going basis.

Important Links for Providers:
Local and State Links

Texas Department of State Health Services

TRAIN Texas for Case Managers

Mental Health Resource Guide

Federal Links

Health Resources and Services Administration

Ryan White Legislation

TARGET Center: Technical Assistance for Ryan White Care Act

National HIV/AIDS Strategy

The Body, HIV/AIDS Website

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Key Resource Page

Act Against AIDS

Greater than AIDS

National Monitoring Standards (NEW)
Division of Metropolitan HIV/AIDS Programs and Division of State HIV/AIDS Programs
Updated as of April 2013

Program Monitoring Standards: Part A, Part B
Fiscal Monitoring Standards: Part A, Part B
Universal Monitoring Standards: Parts A & B
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Planning Council Policy on Sponsorship and Application

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Planning Council Liaison
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